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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 2, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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together, we're building a better california. it's wednesday, september 2nd. coming up on "early today," a massive manhunt for the killers of an illinois cop is underway now. wall street kicks investors right in the gut, but there could be some relief today. jeb bush gets down and dirty to go on the offensive against the surging donald trump. on the heel is of pope francis's message, new insight into catholicism. >> a muntd is underway right now for three suspects believed to be responsible for the killing of an illinois police officer.
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they used helicopters, canine units and ground teams in their search. he was chasing three male suspects on foot. nbc's john yang has the latest on the manhunt. >> reporter: from the air and on the ground, a massive, intensive manhunt for the killers of a veteran police officer. swat teams, canine units all closely searching nearby wooded areas, local businesses and homes. the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. >> two male whites and one male black. we have the evidence processing at the scene and we have the investigation into exactly what occurred here today. >> shots were fired. >> reporter: authorities say the officer was on routine patrol. he was on a foot pursuit when communication was lost. moments later, backup arrived. they found the officer shot, his
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gun and pepper spray gone. the officer was a 32-year veteran of law enforcement, a husband and father of four sons. >> residents here knew him as g.i. joe and remember him as deeply committed to fox lake. >> reporter: his death, a seen that has become all too familiar. this year alone 84 officers killed in the line of duty, up 15%. as the manhunt in fox lake continued, commuter trains were shut down, schools on lockdown and a warning issued for residents. >> please be on the alert. anything out of the ordinary in their subdivisions, no tip is too small. we're asking for the community's help on locating anything suspicious. on wall street investors are anxiously awaiting the opening bell, this after the stock
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market suffered its third loss of the year yesterday. the dow fill 500 points and the nasdaq fell 140. traders continue to keep their eye on china. some speculating that the explosion in tianjin last month led to economic instability. a 15-year-old boy from fresno california is being evaluated at a mental health facility after police say he made threats on instagram. at his home they found an arsenal of how powigh powered w. the 15-year-old then added words of his own to the lyrics. >> a mac 11 and it ought to solve the problem of mine and that's a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time.
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>> according to police, the teen said someone hacked into his account and posted the message. officials say the boy could face felony charges of making terrorist threats. it's a 32-year cold case involving a wwe wrestling legend. one count of third degree murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter. she died of traumatic brain injuries and had more than three dozen cuts and bruises on her body. he told paramedics he hit her during an argument and she struck her head on concrete. he later told police she slipped and fell during a bathroom break. desperate times, desperate measures for jeb bush this morning. sagging in the polls, a risky
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new maneuver, an attack ad aimed at donald trump, framing the businessman as a fan of hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton i think is a terrific woman. i'm a little biassed because i've known her for years. she's very talented. i live in new york, she lives in new york. i've known her and her husband for years. the trump campaign hit back with a similarly-themed assault, a sound bite of bush praising the democratic front runner. then hillary put herself in the middle of it all, retweeting this message. no need to fight, guys. she's got problems of her own this morning. the "washington post" is reporting that the latest e-mail dump from her private server includes six of what government officials say is now classified information. james carville is sticking up for clinton.
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>> we go through these things all the time. and the "new york times" and the "washington post" and the dinner party crowd, they get all out of breath and screaming and yelling at each other and it turns out to be nothing. >> carly fiorina is on the rise, so much so cnn is amending the rules for its republican debate happening two weeks from tonight. they're adding an 11th spot to the stage. just one day after pope francis's ground breaking announcement that during the upcoming year of mercy priests can forgive women who had abortio abortions. new word on what catholics are thinking about the issue and what is and is not a sin. nearly a quarter of church going catholics disagree with the doctrine that abortion is a sin. 57% still say it is. and more than half say it's not sinful for a couple to live together without being married. and it's near split on
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acceptance of gays and lesbians. 44% say it's not sinful to engage in homosexual behavior. delaware democrat is the 33rd senator to back the iran deal. today secretary of state john kerry will deliver a speech in philadelphia to try and gain support for the iran deal. the president needs 34 democrats in order to hold veto power on the vote in the senate. so far only two democratic senators have come out against the deal. chuck schumer of new york and robert menendez of new jersey. the issue will come to a vote later this month. a shocking story out of new jersey two employees at a daycare center for allegedly
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insi instigating brawls like fight club. two women apparently inspired by the movie staged fights between about a dozen kids ages four to six, videotaped them and then shared the videos on snap chat. none of the kids were injured in the may lieleemelees. the women face charges. let's go to nbc meteorologist for a look at the weather this morning. >> heat's the big story and the fire weather in the rockies. little dangerous today. not as hot but breezy and windy conditions. hot september start this week. the exception being the northwest. jet stream dips here, the cold pl plunging into the northwest. that's a big change and good for the firefighters.
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about 2,000 miles wide all the way from salt lake city to boston today it will be 90 degrees. in the northern plains that's dessecembesert heat. as far as the temperatures are going to go, we're going to be anywhere between ten to 20 degrees above average here, pretty much the northern half of the nation. the on exception being the northwest where temperatures will be close to normal or below. 95 in st. louis. the heat index almost neara bea. 87 in sacramento. so for the first time in a while central california is finally cooling off too. beautiful weather there. >> doesn't look like we're
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. clash at a kentucky courthouse. she refused to issue licenses to gay couples, who didn't hold back their anger at her. all this comes the day after the supreme court dismissed davis's appeal based on her religious believes against same-sex marriage. she stopped issuing all licenses after the supreme court legalized gay marriage in june. one of the couples denied a license spoke out.
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>> kim davis can believe whatever she wants but it shouldn't affect how she does her job. >> davis has been ordered to appear before a federal judge and could face steep fines or jail time. consumer reports says these are the worst cars of 2015. they listed the chrysler 200 dead last. and they don't show any love for the landrover discovery sport or the kia sedona. proesident obama highlighte how climate change has reduced the signs of the glacier and called on world leaders to reduce carbon emissions. bono has earned more money from his facebook stock than he has from his entire music
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career. that share is now worth about $1.4 billion and makes bono the world's richest pop star. remember this minidarth vader. the young actor was born with a congenital heart condition. doctors says his pacemaker should last seven years . let's get down to business now. >> you'll soon be able to get your egg mcmuffin fix at any hour of the day or night. mcdonald's will start offering all day breakfast. mcdonald's says customers have long asked for breakfast past the 10:30 a.m. breakfast cutoff. the october 4th matchup
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this morning on "today" an nbc news exclusive, lester holt's interview with one of the american men responsible for stopping a terrorist attack on a paris-bound train. "early today" is brought to you by -- >> and for the latest in sports, i'll send it over. good morning, todd. >> a rarity in the first half of the double header between the diamondbacks and the rockies. top nine, two men on for arizona.
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reyes throws it to second. then it's over to first for a 6-4-3 triple play. they still got the win, 6-4. next nationals and cardinals, bottom of the ninth. score tied. hits the pitch deep to center for the homer. cardinals have now won nine straight and look to sweep the series later on today. the official u.s. nominee for the 2024 olympic games. if l.a. gets the bid it will be for the third time. it previously hosted the games in 1932 and 1984. patriots ron gronkowski will be the newest celebrity voice on the navigation app called wave. he will also point out dunkin donuts location thanks to a
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partnership betwe partnership. to the marine corps ball this year. in the video he tells her she is his celebrity crush and she is a phenomenal woman. she accepted the nomination but has no idea how to contact him. if you are watching, she said yes. just ahead, jimmy fallon weighs the pros and cons of burning man. you're watching "early today."
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drake posted a video on instagram showing off his soccer skills. >> drake? goal! >> epic fail. and last night jimmy fallo s weighed the pros and cons of burning man. >> 70,000 attended the festival. con, nearly 200 remembered it. wow. pro, driving cross country to attend burning man. con, getting lost in pennsylvania amish country and ending up at churning man. >> so good. the butter is so fresh. ♪
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leading the news couple indicted for trying to join isis. a federal grand jury has charged them with conspireing and attempting to provide support to a foreign terrorist organization. after becoming increasingly concerned about assange's behavior, they were going to smuggle him out of london in fancy clothes. some other ideas, having him travel by rooftop to a helipad.
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the crew is joining the six astronauts already there. in california video of a construction worker in the line of fire after a steam pipe exploded suddenly while the worker was still inside the manhole. the video was released as part of a dispute with the construction company. officials say the man in the video is badly injured and never returned to his job. in los angeles county a neighborhood was surprised by a mother bear and her cubs roaming the streets. the cubs playfully wrestle and climb trees as the mother waits in front of a nearby home. great balls of fire lit up the streets in el salvador. residents hurling gasoline at each other. despite the potential dangers no serious injuries have been
4:28 am
repo reported. >> i saw one get hit there and the fire went out when it hit his shirt. >> you're saying they know what they're doing? >> i hope so. >> that makes me stick to the tomato throwing instead of the fire throwing. now it's time for a look ahead, a pretrial hearing will be held for six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. he suffered a spinal cord injury while in police custody in april and died a week after his arrest. it's happy birthday to actress selma and keanu reeves. now keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. i'm dara brown. we thank you for watching "early
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today" and hope you have a great wednesday. near your child's school.d'schos
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should it concern bay area parents? more on a new report. plus, new video of a construction accident in the south bay. what it means for an already contentious relationship between santa clara county and the company building its new hospitals. in-custody death at santa clara county jail raising serious concerns about inmate treatment. "today in the bay" starts right now. very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a lot to get to this morning. we start, as always, with meteorologist kari hall. how are things looking today. >> looking great. more comfortable than yesterday. yesterday was pretty nice, but


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